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Computer Science 61C: Machine Structures

Fall, 2000

General Information

Announcements made and information given on this page are intended for students in Kurt's 61C sections for Fall 2000. If you are in a different section, here is the CS61C Homepage from which you can find your section's page. If you're really lost, here is the homepage of the Philosophy Department.

This page does not contain all of the information that you will need to graduate from 61C. You should monitor the course homepage and the ucb.class.cs61c newsgroup on a frequent basis, especially around project due-dates and exams. Specifically, please note that lab, discussion, and office hour times and locations are maintained exclusively and authoritatively on the course homepage. Additionally, it's a good idea to look at other TA's websites (linked from the course homepage) because they often post helpful material. Generally, it is the policy of the department that you are expected to see web and newsgroup material within 24 hours of posting.

If you have any questions about what we have or will cover in section or if you would like to schedule additional office hours, please email me at cs61c-tm or phone me at 705-8568.


10-18-2000 Congratulations on finishing 61C!

We TAs are currently entering scores from the final exam and calculating final grades. Some things you'll be interested in:
  • Your score on the final should be in glookup now.
  • The solution for the final exam will be reachable from the homepage.
  • Statistics for all of the assignments should be published soon.
  • Any (re)grading issues should be taken care of already -- if there are any problems, you should come to me ASAP!
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