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General Information

Announcements made and information given on this page are intended for students in Kurt's CS3 sections for Fall 2001. If you are either in a lab or a discussion section with me as your TA, then this is your page. If you are in a different section, here is the CS3 Homepage from which you can find your TA's page. If you're really lost, here is the homepage of the Philosophy Department.

Please note: This page does not contain all of the information that you will need to flourish in CS3. You should monitor the course homepage and the ucb.class.cs3 newsgroup on a frequent basis, especially around project due-dates and exams. Specifically, please note that lab, discussion, and office hour times and locations are maintained on the course homepage. Additionally, it's a good idea to look at other TA's websites (linked from the course homepage) because they often post helpful material. Generally, it is the policy of the department that you are expected to see web and newsgroup material within 24 hours of posting.

If you get bored, want to learn more about your TA, or want to see the section homepages of previous semesters of cs61c, you can go to my personal webpage. If you have any questions about what we have or will cover in section or if you would like to schedule additional office hours, please email me at cs3-tk or phone me at 705-8568.


12-03-2001 Wednesday (12/5) section is not cancelled...

Instead, we'll be having a guest TA (probably Alex, your reader). Come prepared to talk about recrusions, fractals, and tracing. The Thursday (12/6) section will be as normal.

12-03-2001 Regarding the Final Exam...

  • I will be having Final Review Office Hours on Thursday (12/13) from 12:30 to 4:30 in the International House Cafe. This is a change from the hours that I announced last week in the Wednesday section -- soemthing came up, so I had to change them.
  • The final review sheet I handed out in section is available below.
12-03-2001 New Handout: Project Style Hints...

A couple of pointers about how the TAs and readers will be grading your CS3 style. Hint: Some of the tips might be useful to keep in mind for the final exam.... Available in the Handouts Section.

12-03-2001 Permutations in Scheme...

A couple people have asked me about how to write a procedure that computes all the permutations of a given list. I sat down for a while and wrote it out, tested it, and made it available below.

The flow of the procedure is something like this:

  • Base Case 1: Current Index (i.e. next element of the list to remove is beyond the end of the list) --> return the empty list.
  • Base Case 2: Size of the list is 1 element --> Know that there is ony one possible permutation, viz. that item itself.
  • Recursive Case (Bi-tailed): Append the result of prefixing the current item onto the (recursive call) permutations of the list with that element removed (caught by base case 2) with the (recursive call) permutations that can be made with elements of the list that are greater than the current index (caught by base case 1).
10-30-2001 At long last...

I finally put up (partial) solutions to the recursion problems for MT2. (Solutions for MT3 are on the way.) As I get the time and inclination, I'll put up more and better solutions with (gasp!) comments to show you what is going on. The solutions are available in the Handouts Section.

[Old News]

Links and Handouts

12-03-2001 Some Practice Problems for the Final

12-03-2001 Project Style Hints

12-03-2001 Permutatation Scmfile

Also available in text format.
10-31-2001 Some Practice Problems for Midterm III

Again, I won't post solutions until well after the exam (or maybe even not at all). However, if you have any questions about any of the questions, you should try to get them answered as soon as possible. The newsgroup is always a good start.
10-5-2001 Some Practice Problems for Midterm II -- (Partial Solutions)

I won't post solutions to these problems until after the exam. This isn't because I'm lazy and don't want to write it all up. (Well, maybe that has a little to do with it.) But the main reason that I'm not going to put up solutions is that I believe that the only way to learn recusion is through practice -- looking at someone else's solution will do you no good. In addition, it is easy enough to test your solution -- just give it a shot in Dr.Scheme.

Again, the questions on the handout are not in any way a predictor or guarantor of material that will or won't be on the exam.

9-17-2001 The Grinnell Scheme Web - A gentle introduction to Scheme.
Revised Scheme Report - A hard-core crash course on Scheme.

Don't forget that there are significant differences between the dialects of Scheme presented on these two pages and the version that we use in CS3 -- Your book (and fellow classmates) are always your best bet.

9-12-2001 Some Practice Problems for Midterm 1

Solutions for these practice problems are now available. However, you don't have to take my word for it-- You can always try it out yourself. Please feel free to experiment in scheme with these and related problems.

Also, these questions are in no way a guarantee or predictor for what may be on the Midterm. I've never seen a CS3 midterm, so I have no idea what might show up on them -- these practice problems are just my best guess at some things that will be helpful for you to know.

Lastly, thanks again to Lisa, upon whose review sheet these problems are based.