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Computer Science 61C: Machine Structures

Spring, 2001

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Announcements made and information given on this page are intended for students in Kurt's 61C sections for Spring 2001. If you are either in a lab or a discussion section with me as your TA, then this is your page. If you are in a different section, here is the CS61C Homepage from which you can find your TA's page. If you're really lost, here is the homepage of the Philosophy Department.

Please note: This page does not contain all of the information that you will need to survive in 61C. You should monitor the course homepage and the ucb.class.cs61c newsgroup on a frequent basis, especially around project due-dates and exams. Specifically, please note that lab, discussion, and office hour times and locations are maintained exclusively and authoritatively on the course homepage. Additionally, it's a good idea to look at other TA's websites (linked from the course homepage) because they often post helpful material. Generally, it is the policy of the department that you are expected to see web and newsgroup material within 24 hours of posting.

If you get bored, want to learn more about your TA, or want to see the section homepages of previous semesters of cs61c, you can go to my personal webpage. If you have any questions about what we have or will cover in section or if you would like to schedule additional office hours, please email me at cs61c-tm or phone me at 705-8568.


5-21-2001 Congratulations on finishing 61C!

Your exam scores and your final grade are now available via glookup and gexplain. The statistics for the finals are as follows: Mean Points: 56/90

Mean Percentage: 60.8%

Standard Deviation (points): 19

Standard Devaition (percent): 21%

Statistics for the distribution of final grades for the course are not being officially published, but, unofficially, the class average was around a B.
5-14-2001 Answers to the 'Newsgroup Question' on the Spring 1999 Final

Quite a few people have asked about this, and we didn' get a chance to cover it during the review session, so here are the answers. They are in the order of the blanks:

Part 1:

  • ___8___: The TLB hits for ....
  • ___4___: The TLB misses while ...
  • ___6___: Physical Page number ....
  • __12___: The instruction at...
  • ___2___: A page table for ....
  • __10___: The block containing ....
Part 2:
  • ___No__: The TLB misses for the ...
  • ___No__: The cache misses for ...
  • ___1___: The TLB hist for ....
  • ___3___: (After many instructions ....
  • ___2___: The instruction at ...
  • ___No__: The block containing ...
The big lesson to take from this: Cache and VM have a large amount of overhead, but the overhead is amortized over many total accesses.
5-4-2001 Final Exam OH have been moved to Monday 4-8 IHouse.

I had to cancel my tentative final exam OH (originally set for Tues 830-1230) because it turns out that I have a final at that time. I have rescheduled them for Monday (I.e. the day before the exam) 4-8 at the IHouse.
5-4-2001 All of my labs are graded.

I have finished the second round of grading and uploading all of the lab checkoffs that I have. If you are still missing a lab score, please email me asap.
5-3-2001 Project 3 is graded!

I've been up all night, but I finally finished project 3. Check out your score on glookup/gexplain, and then take a look at the solutions/statistics page (proj3-grading).
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Links and Handouts

5-5-2001 Some things about ... CISC/RISC

Here's the cisc/risc handout from section. It is unannotated.
4-28-2001 Some things about ... VM

Here is the vm handout that we used in section. I tried to make some of the wording a bit more clear, added comment/hints/answers in some places, and added a couple new questions. Things marked with a [x] are new.
4-28-2001 Some things about ... cache

Here is the original version of the cache handout from section.
2-8-2001 MIPS Problems v5

Here is the revised version of the handout that we went over during section. Most of the problems are similar, but easier to understand. Please email me if you find any problems with the solutions. I probably won't post the original version (1.0) that we did in section since they are so similar.
1-30-2001 Dan's C Survival Notes

An excellent crash course in the differences between C and Java, written by an ex-cs61c TA. Has a detailed explanation of many of the most interesting (and trickiest) 'features' of C and quite a few examples.

Highly recommended reading for both people who are new to C and to seasoned veterans. Read: Will help you out on the projects.