CS 61A
The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
CS61A Summer 2002
MTWTh 11-12:30pm, 1 Pimentel

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Old News:
8-14-2002 Midterm 1 solutions posted
  • See the standards directory.
  • Greg says, "Sorry they're so late! I didn't realize that people really wanted to see them still."
8-14-2002 The make-up final will take place Thursday 6-9pm.
  • Be outside 329 Soda Hall a little before 6 tomorrow night -- we'll move to a room from there.
  • If you need to take the make-up and have not yet emailed Kurt, please do so immediately.
8-14-2002 Midterm 3 solutions are up
  • See the standards directory.
8-05-2002 Midterm 2 solutions are up
  • See the standards directory.
7-10-2002 Past Exams are now available
  • Follow the "Past Exams" link above, or click here
7-6-2002 Midterm 1: Fri 7/12 12:00 -- 2:30 1 Pimentel
  • Will cover material from weeks 1 and 2.
  • You're responsible for anything presented in lecture, the reader, labs, homeworks or the assigned reading. The exam, however, will emphasize the common threads of the material.
  • There will be a group component to the exam -- be sure to get in a group of 4 before the exam and try to sit with your group during.
  • If you absolutely can't take the exam during the normal time, email the staff so we can set something up.
7-6-2002 Random Things...
  • "TAs Doing Homework" seemed to be a success, so we will be holding it every Monday evening 6:30-8:00 in 306 Soda. The TAs will try to do the more interesting of the previous week's homework problems.
  • I (Kurt) can't make lecture on Monday the 15th -- we'll have a guest lecturer (probably a TA).
  • I've made the notes that I use during lecture available on the webpage. Look for the "(my notes)" links next to the reader lecture notes.
6-27-2002 FAQ
  • I have written up a short FAQ for questions that a few students have asked me. Included are issues about connecting from home, whether cs3 students are better than non-cs3 students, and what to do if you're totally lost. --Kurt
  • The homeworks will be due e-submitted and (optionally) in the homework box at 10:00AM on Mondays. Disregard what it says in the first course handout about homeworks being due earlier.
6-26-2002 Homework 1.1 and 1.2
You should now be able to submit these assignments electronically.
To do so, use the submit program as follows:
  1. Change to the directory where your files for the assignment reside. You should create a different directory for each assignment.
  2. Type submit hw1-1 for homework 1.1 or submit hw1-2 for homework 1.2.
If you have questions about UNIX or this process, ask you TA. The submit program will allow you to turn in an assignment as many times as you would like. Only your most recent submission will be graded though.

Although, this is the recommended method of submission, you may submit by paper as well, if you'd like.

6-23-2002 Welcome to cs61a!
  • Lectures and Labs start tomorrow (Monday, June 24).
  • The course reader is available at CopyCentral (2483 Hearst) for $18.98.
  • Sections 105 and 106 have been CANCELLED. If you were in them, find another TA's section to move in to.
  • Your first discussion (Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday Morning) will be held in 310 Davis - The rest will meet in the regularly scheduled rooms.
  • Attendance at lectures, labs and discussions is mandatory for the first week.
  • Account forms will be distributed in lab.

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