Project 1 Additions

In addition to instructions in the reader, please do the following:

  1. Strategies should be defined as:
    (strategy my-hand up-card)
    and nothing else, otherwise the project won't work.
  2. Name the strategy you write for #4 "hits"
  3. Name the strategy you write for #5 "my-strategy"
  4. For best-total, if a hand "busts" (greater than 21) then any busting value can be returned. So you do not need to return the value closest to 21 such in the case of:
    (best-total '(as 9c 10h 5d))
    where one can return 25. We'll accept any value greater than 21 for these cases.
  5. *NEW* Name each of the joker cards JOKER for question #9.