CS 61C Quiz - Final Survey

Thanks for filling out the final survey!

Your opinions will improve the course for future
61c students.

We will strip out logins and SIDS before we read submissions,
so feel free to be completely honest. The last question
provides space for you to leave contact information if
you would like to not be anonymous.

Current time: Sat Jul 20 08:30:28 2024

Deadline: Tue Aug 31 11:00:00 2004


Question 1:

How would you rate each of the projects on
the following scale?

The projects were lispc, sprintf, proc, and interrupts.

Use this scale:
From 1 to 5 where
5 = best project ever.
1 = worst project ever.

Feel free to make additional comments about 
any/all of the projects.

Question 2:

What did you think about face-to-face grading?

Question 3:

How comfortable do you feel with verilog
vis-a-vis mips or c? Do you think you would
feel comfortable programming a large project
in verilog? Which parts of verilog were easiest
to learn? Which were hardest?

Question 4:

a. How would you rate your interest in hardware design?

1: zero. hardware is no fun
5: i love it.

b. How has your interest in hardware design changed
over the course of the semester?

-2: Gone down a lot.
 0: Not changed at all
+2: Increased a lot.

Question 5:

For each of these classes, select the option
that best describes your level of interest

cs162 - os
cs164 - compilers
cs150 - digital design
cs152 - computer architecture

Interest levels:

-2: Never interested. Still aren't.
-1: 61c has decreased my interest level
 0: Totally ambivalent.
+1: 61c has increased my interest level
+2: Always interested. Still am.

Question 6:

Are there any topics that you would have like to have
seen covered more (or at all)?

Any topics that you thought were covered too much?

Anything else that you would change about 61c?

Question 7:

Anything else you would like to say about the course?

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