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The MIPSASM collection of tools are used for converting MIPS assembly
into the different formats used in UC Berkeley processor hardware
courses (especially cs61c and cs152). This web frontend to the tools
hooks them all together.

If you have a Berkeley Class account, you can access the tools
directly. They are named and used as follows: 

mal2tal: Converts mal assembly to tal assembly.  
mipsasm: Converts tal to hex-based machine language.  
hex2mem: Converts hex ML into various verilog ram modules.  
hex2bin: Converts hex ML to a binary format (for tftp modules)

Each program has help built into it. Give it a shot, or ask your TA if
you get stuck.  It's much eaiser, however, to jsut use the web

WARNING: This frontend is NOT a syntax checker. You must verify that
your assembly works in SPIM before you run it here. Most of the time,
MIPSASM will compile your code without complaints EVEN IF you have
egregious syntax errors.

Run it in SPIM first! If, however, you have a sequence of properly
formatted MIPS that does not compile correctly, please submit a bug