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The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
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Old News:
8-14-2003 Final:
  • Makeup Final is today, 6pm in the Wozniak Lounge.
  • The Final Review and the solutions are available for your viewing pleasure.
  • Kurt will be having Office Hours tomorrow at 11am @ Bechtel Terrace
  • Grading Complaints for everything BUT hw8-1 & proj4 should be done by Friday August 15. So this includes all hw, proj, and midterms.
  • Goodluck to Everyone on the Final tonight & tomorrow
8-12-2003 HW 8-1 Correction & Makeup Final:
  • For Question 4, example was correct, sorry my bad! =) Good Job Arte. *UPDATE* Okay well I guess STk was funky last night so the official version of this question, we'll accept both one return value for the last example or both. So either greg or both carolen and greg.
  • For people taking the final early, it will be on Thursday, August 14 at 6pm in the Wozniak Lounge
  • Project Submission Requirements
    1. No transcript needed
    2. Just submit the code
    3. No paper copy
8-11-2003 Solutions, etc.:
  • Midterm 1 Solutions, Midterm 2 Solutions, Midterm 3 Solutions are all up!
  • TA doing Homework is still on for tonight 6:30-8pm in 310 Soda.
  • Final Review in the Wozniak Lounge Wednesday August 13th from 6:30-8pm.
  • The Project 4 due date has been extended to Wednesday, August 13 at 11:59pm. HW8-1 is due at the same time.
8-8-2003 Midterm 3:
  • Once again, the midterm 3 grades are available via glookup and subject to change.
  • Please do not discuss the midterm for there are still people that need to take the exam.
  • The makeup midterm will be held on Sunday at 3pm in the Wozniak Lounge
  • Great Job to everyone.
8-4-2003 Extra Info:
  • Project 4 is due on August 12th, 11:59pm and is done in partners.
  • Greg will be doing the next installment of A TA does the HW and will be held in 310 Soda from 6:30-8pm
  • Midterm 3 Review August 6th in the Woz from 6:30-8pm
8-1-2003 Project 4, Midterm 3, HW:
  • Project 4 is finally available. Happy reading! =) Get started early and ask lots of questions! A FAQ (frequently asked question) page will soon be up. Also don't forget to get Project 4 Part 1 in addition to the main project
  • Contact Alex if you cannot make the Friday, 12pm Midterm and/or the Final (which is the following Friday, August 15).
  • Plans have changed so we're not covering the analyze evaluator, so that means less homework! Do NOT do Question 3 on HW7-1
  • HW6-2 Question #4: We neglected to say that you must use the lazy evaluator for this question. To load the lazy evaluator in STk:
    STk> (load "~cs61a/lib/lazy.scm")
    STk> (mce) ;; runs the lazy evaluator
    Please put your answers into a file "question4.scm" Thanks to Arte Merritt again for catching this!
8-7-2003 Last minute stuff:
  • Last year's midterm is online.
  • Kurt will be having office hours tomorrow from 11-12pm at Bechtel Terrace
  • In case you didn't know the midterm is tomorrow from 12-2:30pm in 1 Pimentel. Email Alex asap if you cannot take the midterm at this time.
  • Problems Sessions on Saturday will be from 1-3pm. We will only cover AMB Below the line, so no final review on Saturday, but expect one some time next week.
  • Homework 6-2 solutions & Question 4 available thanks to Faye! =) Also Homework 6-1 is available in the standards link.
  • Goodluck to Everyone!
8-6-2003 Midterm 3 Review:
8-5-2003 Homework 7-1 Update:
  • Make sure you put this definition in mce before you run it for Question 1:
    (define error (let ((old-error error)) 
    (lambda args (old-error (car args)))))
7-31-2003 Solutions:
7-30-2003 Project 3:
  • Remember that the project is due tonight at 11:59pm.
  • Have all partners names and logins on top of each file.
  • Turn in a papercopy of all files
  • To help out the readers, try to highlight all things changed in the files.
7-28-2003 TA does homework & news:
  • Homework 6-1 corrections:
    1. #2: it should say ";; cdr to strip off 'or' tag"
    2. #3: EVAL-DEFINITION should handle multiple desugared defines or one sugared define (as before). Here is an example of using the new DEFINE to create several variables in one go, all in desugared form:
      (define inc (lambda (x) (+ x 1)) 
              five (+ 2 3)
              factorial (lambda (n)
                            (if (= n 0)
                                 (* n (factorial (- n 1))))))
      DEFINE should still support the sugared-up syntax for procedure definitions:
      (define (square x)                
           (* x x))
      But this sugared syntax cannot be used in combination with the multiple-variable form.
  • Alex will be doing the next installment of "TAs do homework" today at 6:30-8pm in 310 Soda
7-26-2003 Project 3 Extension:
  • Project 3 has been extended to Wednesday July 30th, 11:59pm
  • Make sure when submitting put both names, logins, and specify which part you did on the project.
7-25-2003 Midterm 2 Graded:
  • The midterm has been graded.
  • All grades are subject to change.
  • Please do NOT discuss the exam questions and/or answers due to people who still need to take the exam on a later date.
7-24-2003 Midterm 2:
  • Midterm 2 is tomorrow! 1 Pimentel @ 12pm. If you cannot make this time, make sure you email Alex.
  • Get some more midterms from the past exams link!
  • One last thing...
    Goodluck to Everyone! =)
7-23-2003 Makeup Midterm and Problems:
7-22-2003 Trees:
7-21-2003 Midterm II Review, etc:
  • There will be a midterm review Wednesday from 6:30-8pm in the Wozniak Lounge
  • Carolen does last week's homework tonight from 6:30-8pm in 310 Soda
  • Reminder, we're not requiring a testing.txt file for Project 2. Just turn in a paper copy of the project in 283 Soda.
  • *ATTENTION* On Homework 5-2 Question 2A The definition to stream-map is incorrect. Here is the correct version (changes in bold!):
    (define (stream-map proc. streams)
         ( ??
           (apply proc (map ?? streams))
           (apply stream-map 
                  (cons proc (map ?? streams)))))
    Thanks to Arte Merritt for catching this bug!
  • The environment diagram problems from last saturday are up. Use EnvDraw for solutions.
7-16-2003 Project 2 & Homework Updates:
  • Environment Diagram and Midterm Review on Saturday from 12-2pm in the Woz w/ Greg and Carolen
  • Project 2 Additional Requirements
  • Homework 4-2 Question 4:
    1. When evaluating a set! do not erase the old value. Instead cross it out the old value and write the new value beside it.
    2. Number the frames in order of creation.
    3. Do not erase any frames, even if the evaluator is done with that frame.
7-14-2003 Monday Madness:
  • Greg does last week's homework tonight! 6:30-8pm in 310 Soda!
  • Project 1 has been graded. If you don't have a score yet or have questions e-mail you reader.
  • For Project 2, we're not requiring any type of transcript, but we ARE requiring paper submissions and electronic submissions.
  • Do not discuss the midterm. The TAs will be distributing the midterms back as soon as everyone takes the midterm. If you have any questions about the midterm, discuss them with your TA.
  • Midterm 2 is next week! If it's necessary for you to take the exam at a different time, e-mail Alex
7-11-2003 MIDTERM 1:
  • ANNOUNCEMENT! Midterms HAVE been graded! You may check glookup to see a tentative score. All grades are subject to change. Stats will be up soon!
  • Midterm is TODAY in 1 Pimentel (where lecture is held) at 12pm. Remember the midterm IS open notes and book.
  • For those taking the midterm on Sunday, just a quick reminder. It will be held in 310 Soda at 3pm. Come early!
  • One last thing...
    Goodluck to Everyone! =)
7-10-2003 Solutions & Review:
7-09-2003 Kurt's Office Hours Part Deux:
  • Kurt WON'T be having OH today again (he's not feeling well). He's still having OH tomorrow from 1:00-3:00.
  • Homework 2 solutions will be up. It will be located here but for the meantime go to Sam's Website for the solutions and grading standards
  • Midterm Review is TONIGHT from 6:30-8pm in the Wozniak Lounge (4th Floor Soda).
7-08-2003 Kurt's Office Hours & Week 2 Homework:
  • Kurt WON'T be having OH today. He's moving them to Wednesday 12:30-1:30 & Thursday 1:00-3:00 this week
  • Homework 2 is graded. Check it as soon as possible. Sign up sheets will be up in 310 Davis by 2pm.
    The makeup midterm will be held in 310 Davis from 3-6:30
7-07-2003 Emacs Help Session and More:
  • The CSUA will be holding another Help Session. This time the topic is EMACS! It'll be held in 306 Soda at 6:30pm.
  • Homework Regrades -
    1. Homeworks will be graded by Tuesday/Wednesday. Check 'glookup' ASAP so you can sign up for regrades.
    2. You may not get points back on problems that weren't attempted.
    3. This is not a time to whine about your grade. The readers are there so that you understand the material and understand WHY you got the problem incorrect.
  • Project -
    1. Due Tuesday, July 8th at 11:59pm.
    2. Make sure you've implemented all the additions.
    3. Paper Submissions will NOT be required for the project.
    4. We will be expecting that you use Data Abstraction
  • Midterm 1 -
    1. Will be held in Pimentel, Friday July 11 at 12pm
    2. The makeup midterm will be held on Sunday, July 13 at 3pm.
    If you cannot make these times, contact Alex
  • Saturday Problem Sessions every 12-2pm in the Wozniak Lounge.
  • Tomorrow, TAs Doing HW will be in 310 Davis from 6:30-8pm
7-03-2003 Midterm Review:
  • There will be a review session for the midterm on Saturday in the Wozniak Lounge (4th floor of Soda) from 12-2pm
  • In addition to the exams link with more recent exams, HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) has many more old exams for many CS and EE classes.
7-02-2003 Lab Solutions and More!:
  • By popular demand, the solutions to lab exercises are up. They're located here: Lab Solutions
  • *ATTENTION* Another minor addition to the project. Look here.
7-01-2003 Homework:
  • Homework 1-1 & 1-2 are graded. You can check your grade by typing 'glookup' at the command prompt in x-term.
  • To get a regrade on hw, sign-up sheets are in 310 Davis. Make sure that you sign up with the correct reader.
  • Remember to take a look at the solutions before meeting with your reader.
6-30-2003 Project 1 Additions & Emacs Help:
  • There are additions to the project. Click here
  • The CSUA will be holding an Emacs Help Session on Monday July 7 at 6:30pm in 306 Soda (same time and place as the Unix Help Session)
6-26-2003 Homework Submission & Davis Labs:
  • ATTENTION! 310 Davis will NOT be accessible during weekends or at nights for the rest of summer.
    Card keys can still access the labs on the 2nd floor of Soda. 310 Davis can only be accessible between the times of 8:30am-8:30pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Homework submission is finally up!
6-25-2003 Unix Help Session & OH's:
  • The Computer Science Undergraduate Association (CSUA) is holding a Unix Help Session for those that want to learn more how to use Unix.
    It will be held on Monday, June 30th at 6:30pm in 306 Soda.
  • Office Hours are being set for the TA's, check on the Schedule page and see which you want to attend!
6-24-2003 Reader, Card Keys, Discussion:
  • The course reader is now available at CopyCentral on the corner of Hearst & Euclid for approximately $23.60
  • Get your card keys as soon as possible so that you can get access to the labs at nights and during weekends.
    They're available at the front desk of the CS Office (Go through the main entrance of Soda on the third floor and turn right).
  • Wednesday is lab as usual, but Thursday will be the first official discussion and it will be held in 310 SODA
6-19-2003 Welcome to Summer CS61A!
  • Lectures and Labs start Monday, June 23.
  • The course reader will be available at CopyCentral (2483 Hearst) soon for about $20.
  • Sections 103 and 105 have been CANCELLED. If you were in them, find another TA's section to move in to.
  • Your first discussion (Tuesday afternoon) will be held in the computer lab (310 Davis) - The rest will meet in the regularly scheduled rooms.
  • Attendance at lectures, labs and discussions is mandatory for the first week.
  • Account forms will be distributed in lab. You must log in to your account by Wednesday Noon or you will be dropped from the course.
  • The Course Information and first lecture notes handouts are now available. Copies will also be distributed in lecture.
6-19-2003 Spring 2003 61A Students:
  • Your old website is here.

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