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Final Projects

The Group Without a Name Enhanced Superscalar, BP, JP
The 4 Amigos Superscalar, BP, Victim Cache
TGFKG5 Unknown
HMF Speculative Tomasulo!
Team TBD Speculative Tomasulo!
SPF10^7K Enhanced Superscalar, BP, JP, Victim Cache.
Hot Stuff Speculative Tomasulo, BP
Team Kludge Speculative Tomasulo, BP
CS152 Dream Team Unknown
LexRmy Regular Tomasulo
Pink Elephants Superscalar, BP
C5F1A5C0 Speculative 2-issue Tomasulo, BP
Betty's Boyz Enhances Superscalar, BP
A Chick Flick Superscalar, Multiply/Divide

Instructions We are requiring, for each group, a super-krafty webpage that describes your final project. The purpose of the webpage is to keep the TAs, Dave, and your classmates updated on your project design and progress.

This webpage should be located on the inst servers (log into your unix account; mkdir public_html; chmod 711 public_html; cd public_html; touch index.html; chmod 744 index.html; emacs -nw index.html; http://www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ to view). We've provided a sample page.

Feel free to be creative, and remember that TAs are easily amused at 2:00AM. (TAs do not like lewdness, however!) Email Kurt before 11:59pm Thursday night with the address of your groups's webpage.

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