CS 152
Computer Architecture and Engineering
CS152 Fall 2003
TuTh 2-3:30pm, 306 Soda Hall

Dave Patterson | John Gibson | Jack Kang | Kurt Meinz

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Resources and Links

Links to References:

  • Old Exams (Berkeley only.)
  • COD Appendices: (Berkeley only)
  • Sample Online Notebook: [html]
  • Lab Report Format: [html]
  • Paper on testing by Douglas Clark: [ps,pdf]
  • SPIM Documentation [ps]
  • Information about the Calinx boards that we will be using: [html]
    • Xilinx VIRTEX E FPGA Databook [pdf]
    • SDRAM technical manual [pdf]
  • Verilog information:
    • IEEE Standard Verilog Hardware Description Language (Berkeley only) [pdf]
    • Verilog Tutorial (from Bucknell University) [html]
  • Modeling Delays in Verilog [pdf]
  • Xilinx Tool information (Berkeley only):
    • Xilinx manuals on line [pdf]
    • ModelSim manual [pdf]
    • Synplify Reference Manual [pdf]
  • Xilinx support websites [support.xilinx.com]
  • MSU's Xilinx's support page [xup.msu.edu]
  • Tutorial For the Xilinx Tool Flow (From Jack Kang): [coming soon]
  • Specs for exception handling [txt]
  • MIPS opcode listing (corrects page A-54 of P&H) [ps]
  • Michael Chu's quick CVS tutorial [TXT]

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