CS 152
Computer Architecture and Engineering
CS152 Fall 2003
TuTh 2-3:30pm, 306 Soda Hall

Dave Patterson | John Gibson | Jack Kang | Kurt Meinz

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David Patterson
635 Soda Hall, patterso n@cs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: Tu 330-5
Interests: Computer Architecture


Name  E-mail  Office Hr  Location Webpage
John Gibson cs152-tb W 3-420 Lab ---
Jack Kang cs152-ta M 4-530 Lab ---
Kurt Meinz cs152-td Announced Lab ---

Lab Assistants

Name  E-mail  Office Hr  Location Webpage
Ben tba Th 330-5 Lab ---

Contact Information

Questions about course material are best saved for the labs or newsgroups so that everyone can benefit. You can contact your TA or Dave about personal or administrative issues and to submit assignments via email using the addresses listed above.


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