CS 61A
The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
CS61A Summer 2005
MTWTh 11-12:30pm, 10 Evans

Kurt Meinz | Jeffrey Chiang | Sujay Karve | Oleg Mayba

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8-14-2005Course Wrap-up
  • The final exam has been graded and entered. (Statistics) The usual bonus function has been applied. As University policy prohibits regrades on final exams, the staff has graded every question on every exam twice. Exams will be viewable in 385 Soda Hall starting Wednesday, August 17. We will not be posting solutions.
  • Final grades and point totals have been entered into Glookup. (Statistics) You can check them out via Webgrades. The 'grade' assignment is your final letter grade in the course.
  • Final letter grades have been submitted to the Registrar. Letter grades are final and cannot be changed.
  • Thanks for being such a great class. -- The Staff
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