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The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
CS61A Summer 2005
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Old News:
  • You do not need to turn in a paper copy for proj4 (although if you can, it'd be nice).
  • Getting into the labs: Every hour, on the hour, either Kurt or Jeff will be at the 3rd floor entrance to Soda to let people into the labs. We will do this until 12am.
  • When you email us, please be sure to include your login so that we don't have to look it up. Not that it is terribly difficult to do, but it will save us time and you will get your work graded and issues dealt with sooner. Thanks, Sujay
  • Sujay has updated all the re-graded homework scores for those people who had face2face grading with him. Please check to make sure that he didn't miss any of your scores and email him at sujay.karve@gmail.com if he did.
  • Sujay has opened up a bunch of slots for Face2Face grading for today after the final. The location is Caffe Strata. Please be sure to bring a printed copy of your work.
  • Solutions (partially complete) and statistics for midterm 3. (Sorry about the delay, they were on Kurt's (crashed) laptop.)
8-1-2005Complaint Deadlines
  • We have initiated complaint and face 2 face grading deadlines. Please read the policy and be aware of these deadlines.
8-11-2005Final Review Session
8-10-2005Final Exam
  • If you are confused about hw 7-2 and really need the f2f before the exam, email Kurt or talk to him after lecture tomorrow. If you don't mind waiting until after the exam (perhaps you know what you did wrong on the hw), we'll set up extra hours on Friday night/Sat/Sun.
  • Kurt has updated the exam hints for the final.
  • Kurt is doing face2face for Sujay on Thursday from 6 to 10. The meetings will be at the IHouse cafe. Be sure to bring paper copies of you answers. Sign up as usual on the face2face page.
8-8-2005Final Week Announcements (Check back for updates)
  • Lab 16 is posted; you don't have to come to lab; you can just submit it.
    It is DUE by 11:59pm on Wednesday, August 10
  • There is no official lab or discussion on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be lots of OH type stuff, though. Details in discussion<\li>
  • Final Review Session: Wednesday 3:30-5:30 in 306 Soda (Different time)
8-8-2005No F2F grading for HW7-1
  • There will, however, be F2F for HW7-2
8-03-2005Midterm 3 Review Session
8-2-2005Midterm 3
  • Midterm 3 is this Friday, 8/5, 12:00p-2:30p, in 100 Lewis. If you cannot make this time, you must email Jeff asap.
  • Jeff is having a review session Wed, 5-7p, in 306 Soda.
  • Kurt has posted exam 3 hints and old exams (including his Su 03 Exam 3).
  • The exam covers all of the topics from weeks 5 and 6, including the leftovers of lazy that we did on Monday.
  • Jeff reiterates that study groups are a very good idea. Please make postings about study groups on the newsgroup, or email Jeff so he can spread the word. Kurt might attend if invited. :)
  • Kurt's mce and normal evaluators used in lecture are available in the lecture notes directory.
7-27-2005Midterm 2
  • Midterm 2 scores are in glookup. Statistics and the (same old) regrading policy. Solutions.
  • I have applied the same bonus system as on midterm1: Everyone gets back ceiling(0.20*(40-unweighted_score)).
7-31-2005Project 3 Errata
  • The Errata page has been updated. Please look through it before submitting your project.
7-23-2005Project 3
  • Project 3 is up. It is due at 11:59pm, not 11:59am as the handout says.
  • You must have a partner for this project. If you do not, then you will not receive credit for the project.
    Once you have formed a partnership, have one member email Jeff with the names in the partnership.
    If you cannot find a partner, email Jeff and he will find one for you.
    If you have an extreme circumstance, email Jeff about it as well.
  • Kurt is out of town (and out of email contact) for the weekend. Contact Jeff with any issues
7-25-2005Kurt's OH Cancelled Today (Monday)
  • Yup!
7-21-2005Midterm 2 Review Office Hours
  • Kurt is doing office hours at 8:00pm at the IHouse cafe. Be there or be a non-message passing square.
7-20-2005Midterm 2 Review Session
7-19-2005Midterm 2
  • If you can't make the scheduled exam time, talk to Jeff at lecture tomorrow (Wednesday).
  • Kurt updated his exam hints.
7-18-2005Homework, Grading, Face2Face, Scheduling ...
  • I apologize for the delay in the submission of the third week HW grades as well as for the lack of Face2Face sessions last week. In order to compensate for the lag, I will have office hours everyday this week and possibly next week (if needed) from 8:00am to 9:15am on the second floor of Soda Hall. I would like to encourage people to come in for face2face grading during these hours on a drop-in basis (especially if they are quick ones). Also, look out for changes on my face2face schedule all through this week and next week as I try to put out more slots as they fit my schedule. As for the policy regarding the missed face2face appointments, the policy no longer applies if you sign up for face2face with me, which means that if you miss an appointment with me for whatever reason, don't freak out, its okay, just sign up again and/or show up to my office hours. If I am going to be laid back about scheduling, its only fair that I let you guys do the same. However, please try not to abuse the system. NOTE: UNLESS JEFF SAYS OTHERWISE, NONE OF THIS APPLIES IF YOU HAVE JEFF FOR YOUR FACE2FACE SESSIONS.

7-17-2005Jeff's OH Cancelled Indefinitely
  • Due to its incredible unpopularity (i.e. no one has showed up for it, ever), Jeff's Sunday OH are now cancelled. You can, as always, email him to set up an appointment.
7-12-2005Oleg's OH Cancelled This Week
  • Oleg's office hours are cancelled this week
7-9-2005F2F grading changes
  • If you fail to show up to a 30+ minute appointment, you can no longer get that week's homework f2f regraded.
  • glookup comments will now include the recommended number of (15 minute) slots you should take when making a f2f appointment. Please don't take more slots than you think you'll need.
7-11-2005Office Hours etc.
  • Kurt's office hours today (2:00-3:30) will be at the IHouse cafe.
  • The OOP reading is avialable in the online (below) and in the reader.
7-10-2005Midterm 1
  • Midterm 1 scores are in glookup. Here are solutions, statistics, and the regrading policy.
  • The exam was a little harder than expected, so I have adjusted the scores as follows: Everyone has received a bonus equal to ceiling(0.20*(40-unweighted_score)).
7-8-2005Midterm and Project 2
  • Midterm 1 is finished. Please do not discuss the questions with people who have not yet taken it yet. Grades will be posted in glookup Sunday evening.
  • Project 2 is posted. It is due on Tuesday, July 19. (Not July 22 as originally posted.)
7-7-2005Kurt's Office Hours and Solutions
  • Kurt is holding extra OH tonight, 9pm at the IHouse cafe, lasting until no-one is here.
  • Kurt couldn't find solutions for the Summer 03 exam. Sorry to thoseof you who asked.
  • Jeff has found solutions for the Summer 03 exam and has posted them.
7-6-2005Midterm 1 Review Session
7-5-2005Office Hours
  • Sujay's Office Hours are cancelled this week. If you need to meet with him, send him an email.
  • The exam hints and old exams (including Kurt's 2003 exams).
7-3-2005 Lecture Room and Newsgroup
  • In response to near-universal dislike of our Warren lecture room, we will be meeting in 10 Evans for the foreseeable future. On any given day, if 10 Evans is occupied, we will convene in 534 Davis.
  • If you use SSH to connect from home, you can read the 61a newsgroup with tunneling. Go to Setting->Tunneling->Outgoing->Add. Set Listen Port=119, Destination host=agate.berkeley.edu, destination port=119. Then set your favorite newsreader (I use Opera) to localhost.
6-29-2005 Homework Submission
  • The lecture room has been changed to 22 Warren. Warren is on the far West side of campus, with 22 Warren facing Oxford street.
  • Make sure to submit each homework assignment separately. For example, submit hw2-1.scm using 'submit hw2-1' and submit hw2-2.scm using 'submit hw2-2'. You will lose points if you do this again.
6-28-2005 Help us help you...
  • The Reader.
  • When emailling the staff about administrative issues, please be sure to include your login so that we can look you up quickly.
6-24-2005 Homework Bugs and Face2Face
  • Kurt apologizes for the bugs on the first two homeworks. An errata page has been built that will hold all the updates to assignments. Please check errata frequently.
  • The face2face signup page will be operational soon.
6-20-2005 Unix and Emacs Help
  • Please fill out this Statement of Academic Honesty (also at the end of the packet of materials we gave you in lab) and give it to Jeff by Wednesday, June 22.
  • The (updated) Quick Introduction to Using CS61A Computing Resources and Basic Emacs Guide for 61A Students. (Another one)
  • From the CSUA: "the CSUA is holding an "Introduction to Instructional Computing" helpsession at 5:30pm on tuesday in 306 soda. We'll be covering the basics of what students need to know to use the instructional systems both in the labs and from home (unix accounts, windows accounts, basic unix, newsgroups, connecting from home, etc). The helpsession is aimed at people who are new to CS classes."
6-11-2005 Welcome to Summer CS61A!
  • Lectures and Labs start Monday, June 20. The lecture room, currently 534 Davis, is subject to change.
  • The course reader will be available at CopyCentral (2483 Hearst) soon for about $20.
  • Your first discussion (Tuesday afternoon) will be held in 275 Soda. - The rest will meet in the regularly scheduled rooms.
  • Attendance at lectures, labs and discussions is mandatory for the first week, as we will be handing out essential materials and trying to settle enrollment.
  • Account forms will be distributed in lab. You must register your account by Wednesday Noon or you will be dropped from the course so that people on the waitlist may enroll. Be sure to remember your "secret code" -- you'll need it for checking your grades online.
  • The course information handout (updated: v1.2), which contains the administrative details of the class, is now available. Copies will also be distributed in lecture. If you have any questions about the course, email me at kurtm {a t} cory.eecs.berkeley.edu.
6-11-2005 Spring 2005 61A Students:
  • Your old website is here.

CS61A, htttp://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs61a/su05, Webmaster: kurtm [at] cory.eecs.berkeley.edu