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Old News
8-12-2004 Office Hours
  • Kurt will be around the lab tonight from like 8 to 10 or so.
8-12-2004 MT2 & MT3 Solutions
  • The solutions for the midterms are up with exception of a few problems.
8-9-2004 Proj3 and F2F schedule
  • Grades for Proj3 for aa-dz are now viewable in glookup. See Michael for rubric.
  • For those who have Michael as a reader, he has made an announcement of F2F for this last week. See his page for details.
8-7-2004 Project 4 Errata Page
  • An Errata Page has been put up for project 4. Make sure to check it regularly, since it will contain all updates, corrections, clarifications, etc. to the project.
8-6-2004 Project 4 Help-Session
  • Sunday at 6:00PM 306 Soda (aka HP Auditorium) Make sure to make it!
8-8-2004 Homework Deadline Extended
  • To account for the help session, homework 7 deadline will be extended to 10 pm. Come to the help session!
8-4-2004 Miderm Review Session 3
8-4-2004 Navtej's Friday Lab Moved to Monday
  • Navtej's Friday lab (section 103) will be moved to Monday because of the midterm. Still 9-11am in 273 Soda
8-2-2004 Midterm Review & Face-To-Face Update
  • The next Midterm is coming up this Friday. The Review session will be held in 306 Soda from 6-8pm on August 4th (this Wednesday).
  • Sorry it completely slipped Carolen's mind. The sign up sheet is up. For both Chris and Michael.
7-31-2004 Proj 3 Update
  • There has been another very important update to project 3.
7-29-2004 Midterm 3 & Final Makeup
  • Email Carolen if you need to reschedule for midterm 3 and as well for the final. If you've emailed Carolen before...email her again. The final makeup will occur before the real final.
7-29-2004 Quiz Grading
  • Quizzes will be graded on a good-faith effort basis.
  • Each quiz will be worth points (so there are no gimmies), but we may slide the quiz grading scale such that if you miss 1 or 2, the missed quizzes are worth very little, but quizzes become worth more as you missed more. (I.e. marginal point value of quizzes goes down.)
7-29-2004 Reading for Thursday's Lecture
  • Don't focus too much on the actual implementations given in 5.6, 6.7, and A.7. We are going to use a much simpler implementation. You should, however, understand the big picture and issues involved.
  • Tomorrow's lecture will contain some material that is not in the book. Be sure to look at the lecture notes when I post them.
7-28-2004 HW5-1 News
  • *Update* Scores for HW5 have been entered for people who has logins aa-dz. See Michael for the rubric.
7-26-2004 Project 3 and HW4 Updates
  • There have been some updates to project 3. Most importantly, the Makefile has been updated, so get the new one. Also any issues you may have been having with iverilog may have been solved.
  • Grades for HW4 are now entered for aa-dz. See Michael for details.
7-25-2004 HW5-1 Clarification
  • To be able to test your cpu module in the homework, you will need to set initial values into registers. Add a mux before the 32-bit data input, so it would chose between the result of ALU, or the input from the driver, and another mux before the Rw input of the regfile, so you can input which register you want to set value for. This way you basically have a reset period, during which the write enable is asserted and you set the values in the registers. once values are set, you change the mux control and continue to receive values from ALU. For writing these two muxes, you may use dataflow syntax inside the regfile module if you wish.
  • Your ALU does not need to detect overflow. Just compute the result, and for the equal and not equal instructions, set the zero bit.
7-22-2004 F2F Deadlines for Michael and Friday OH
  • F2F deadlines for HW3 and Proj1 are extended until 11am on Monday, July 26, 2004 for people who have Michael as a reader.
  • Michael will have F2F and OH starting at 10am in 271 Soda on the day of Midterm 2. He will hold F2F and OH until at least 6pm--He will remain in 271 Soda after 6pm for as long as there are people who still want F2F.
7-21-2004 Homework 5-1 and Proj2
  • Your regfile can be behavioral and straight from lecture. The ALU and control units, however, have to be structural.
  • Grades for Proj2 are now available for your viewing pleasure. For those who have logins aa-dz, the rubric Michael used can be found on his page.
7-21-2004 Navtej's Friday Lab & Project 3
  • Friday's (7/23) lab for section 103 will be moved to Monday (7/26) because of the midterm. It will still be from 9-11 in 271 Soda
  • Project 3 is out. We advise that you start now or as early as possible.
7-21-2004 Review Session for Midterm 2
  • Review notes are up [pdf] [ps]. Happy studying! =)
  • Solutions have been posted for the floating point section of the review session [pdf]. Please attempt them before looking at the answers. Also, please email Ben (cs61c-tb) if you find any errors. Thanks =).
7-20-2004 Midterm 2 Review
  • Midterm 2 Review will be in 306 Soda from 6-8pm tomorrow Wed July 21st.
  • Those that cannot take the midterm on Friday July 23rd from 12-3pm please contact Carolen
7-17-2004 Early Autograde for Proj2 and more Proj2 clarifications
  • There is early autograde for Proj2 but you must do it yourself (i.e. can't do submit proj2). Directions to do early autograde are available at Michael's page
  • You only have to support %d, %u, %x, %c, and %s. The upper case equivalents are expected to return the same letter (i.e. %D --> D) in correctness testing.
7-15-2004 HW3-2 and F2F
  • Chris's Face to Face sign up is up. He'll be having face to face everyday an hour before and an hour after lecture every day except Friday. If you have problems with this email Chris
  • *Update* HW3-2 grades have been regraded. An explanation can be found on Michael's Page along with some announcements.
  • Michael also has set tenative deadlines to still have F2F for a particular assignment. These dates can be seen here.
7-16-2004 Midterm I Solutions
  • The solutions for the first midterm are in the resources section in the Solutions link.
  • For regrades, staple a typed request with a very specific explanation of your complaint to the front of your exam. Give the regrade request to your TA, who will then regrade your entire exam. All regrades are final and your score may go up or down.
7-14-2004 Project 2 Clarifications
  • Assume that the caller of sprintf.s will always put all arguments on the stack (just as spf-main.s does).
  • Contrary to the "Unsupported Format Specifiers" section, if you ever see % followed by an unsupported format type (anything other than d, u, x, c, s), simply output the character as is. For example: when you see %%, output the character that follows the first % sign ('%'). Another example: when you see %z, output the character 'z'. This should be relatively easy to implement.
  • If you have any questions about these clarifications, ask your TA =).
7-13-2004 Verilog Tutorial
  • The verilog tutorial has been posted in the calender or here. You will need it for tomorrow's prelecture quiz.
7-12-2004 Proj1 Grades and F2F
  • Proj1 grades for aa-dz are now entered. See Michael for an explanation.
  • Friday, July 16 is the last day to have F2F with Michael for HW1 and/or HW2. He will no longer accept HW1 and/or HW2 F2F requests after that date.
7-10-2004 Midterm I Scores
  • The first midterm has been graded and entered into glookup. Kurt is extremely pleased with the scores.
  • The average score was a 22/30 (73%).
7-9-2004 Using SPIM at home without SSH & postMidterm Announcement
  • Currently, it seems that spim/xspim is down in the labs. As a result, for those who want to be able to work on Proj2 during this weekend, can find a copy of spim at this link.
  • Please refrain from discussing the exam on the newsgroup. There are still people that will be taking the exam at a later date. This also means that the solutions will have to be postponed. If you want to know the answers feel free to talk to your TA. Otherwise we are unable to divulge this information. Thank you for your cooperation.
7-8-2004 Chris's Face-2-Face & Makeup Midterm Location
  • Unfortunately due to catching the flu, Chris, our reader, will not be having face to face today. Please hold on tight and he'll get to you next week.
  • The midterm this friday will be in 100 Lewis from 12-3pm. Go have some lunch before you come... The makeup midterm will be located in 310 Soda from 5-8pm. Unless someone tells me otherwise.
7-7-2004 Midterm Review
  • The review will be held tonight in 306 Soda from 6-8pm
  • *Update* The review slides are located in the resources section.
7-6-2004 HW2 Grades, Project 2, MakeUp Exam
  • *Update* HW2-1 and HW2-2 grades are now up for aa-dz. See Michael for any questions.
  • *Reminder* Face to Face Grading is available for aa-dz as well as for ea-fz. Sign up sheet is in 271 Soda next to the whiteboard.
  • Project 2 is out! Come and get it!
  • Midterm Makeup will be held at a soon to be announced place on Friday, July 9th from 5-8pm.
  • *Update* Solutions for week 2 reading quizzes are up. They are located in the resources section of the website as well as the solutions for week 2 homework.
7-1-2004 Midterm 1 *groan*
  • Midterm 1 is coming up -- Friday, July 9th, from 12 to 3pm in 100 Lewis.
  • It will cover everything in weeks one and two.
  • There will be a review session Wednesday night, room and time TBA.
  • If you absolutely can't make the scheduled midterm time, email Carolen.
  • I'll talk more about what will be covered next week in class.
7-1-2004 Survey and Statement on Cheating
  • Please fill out this survey and hand it in by Noon on Friday (in lecture or section). I'll bring copies on Tuesday.
  • Be sure to read the section in the syllabus about cheating.
6-30-2004 Face-2-Face Grading & HW1-2 Grades
  • The signup sheets will be available by tonight. Since we have put up the sheets a little bit late, you can sign up next week, but remember sign up as early as you can, spaces are first come first serve. Also next week will still be signups for hw2-* so PLEASE sign up early for the hw1-*
  • *Update* Signup sheet for aa-dz is up located on the left side of the first white board in 271 Soda.
  • *Update* HW1-2 grades for aa-dz are now up (with explanations of scoring at Michael's page). Any one who did not score at least a 90/100 should sign up for face to face grading.
  • The comments field on glookup is not working. So if you want to know what you've gotten incorrect please check the SOLUTIONS or email your reader (for those with entered grades from -tc email Chris (cs61c-rc)).
6-29-2004 HW1-1 Grades
  • Grades have been entered for students whose logins fall under aa-dz. See Michael for an explanation.
  • *Update* Grades for ea-fz are now available. See Chris for questions about your grade.
6-29-2004 Solutions are available in the solutions folder under the resources link.
6-24-2004 Homework Submission & Project 1
  • The online submission is now up so get those submissions in! =D
  • *Update* Problem 1 on HW1-1 should be put into a file called prob1.txt.
  • Project 1 has been posted! It will be due at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, July 6.
  • HWs 1-1 and 1-2 are due at 8:00pm tonight (Sunday).
6-27-2004 The Reading Quiz system has been updated!
  • It will now send receipt confirmation emails to your class account. Be sure to check the little box by the 'submit' button.
  • Email problems with the quiz system to Kurt.
6-23-2004 Homework Week 1
  • Homework 1-1 & 1-2 are both up
  • The due date was a day off. Both homeworks are due on the 27th of June.
  • Do not submit any homework yet due to the fact that the system has not been set up. Keep an eye here and on the newsgroup for any updates.
6-22-2004 Lab MixUp & Online Quiz
  • Sorry for the mixup for lab. I put the folder in the wrong place >_< whoops. It's up now and hopefully all working.
  • The link to Wednesday's reading quiz is up. You can submit multiple times until the deadline. We will take the latest submission. It is located in the assignment calendar.
  • Just a note on homework, it'll soon be up (let's hope by Wednesday night?) The project specifications will be up soon too so that those who want to start early may do so!
6-21-2004 There will be no reading quiz for Tuesday's lecture
6-19-2004 Welcome to Summer CS61C!
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